African Centre for Citizens Orientation

Citizenship Education

Society for Human Rights Education

Society for Human Rights Education is an arm of the Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation with the aim of creating necessary awareness on human rights as enshrined in our nation constitution and other frameworks and resolutions believing that human rights is a local issue with global attention. The full enjoyment of human rights and welfare is possible only when the community shares positive values and has the means to provide protection. SHRE mobilizes local communities to build awareness for the rights and welfare of children, youth, and women. SHRE supports the health and education of these groups and helps their families and communities to stand up and break the chain of poverty. SHRE listens to and provides voices to the most vulnerable and involves local groups in the planning, decision-making and implementation of every project. Professional skill training, education and volunteer programs are provided by SHRE to raise the voices of these groups in making lasting impacts in their communities.


Initiative for Rural Development (IRD)

IRD focus on addressing the issue of rural underdevelopment by working with the rural community dwellers. Underserved communities must have a voice, invested interest, and ownership in the development of their land, economy, education, rights and values. Through listening to their needs, empowering their belief in change, and working beside them to implement practical solutions, real progress can be made that does not result in further disempowerment. Cultivating a thorough understanding of the complex realities on the ground is the key to empowerment and collective action. This program set to provide capacity building, funding and human resources to women, girls and children and community-based organizations through Africa. In partnership with other stakeholders, we will implement solutions that improve social, environmental, educational and economic conditions at the community level. The mission of this program is to overcome poverty by empowering and education communities and their citizens to be agents of their own sustainable change and growth.

Youth Crime Watch Nigeria

YCW Nigeria

Youth Crime Watch is a youth-led movement that represents the School, the Community and you. It is a "positive gang" or family that changes the mood of the school and community. YCW is a force working to make schools and communities crime-free, drug-free and violence-free. Youth Crime Watch is not just a program. It's a philosophy of "watching out, helping out", positive peer pressure, respecting people, taking responsibility for one's own surroundings and just plain good citizenship.

Youth Crime Watch mission is to mobilize and equip a youth-led movement in schools and communities in partnership with public and private institutions; to create a safer environment free of crime, violence, and illicit drugs in order to foster good citizenship. YCW recognize that youth can and must be part of civil problem-solving, community partnership development, and crime prevention.

Programs under Youth Crime Watch are College Crime Watch, Youth Crime Watch, Citizens’ Crime Watch, Community Crime Watch, Civic Engagement, After School Service Learning and Youth Leadership

Secure Africa

  • Secure Africa is an annual event for young people and adult citizens in Africa and across the world to come together to focus on issues that impact the future of Africa and its human and capital resources in a most positive manner. This conference believe in a secure and develop Africa that will generate opportunities for young Africans which in turn provoke positive changes and innovation needed for the growth and development of the continent. This conference believes strongly in African youths as the continent hopes and greatest forces.

Youth Alliance on ICT for Development

Youth AID

Youth AID is a program targeting young people through the use of information and communication technology for sustainable development. The poverty which has affected the quality of social, cultural and political lives in Africa has slow development in the last decade. But the presence of information and communication technologies (ICT) can carved out an alternative path to development. Notwithstanding the urgency and enthusiasm with using this new medium for social and economic change, the Internet has brought about negative as well as positive contributions to development in Africa.

Citizens Action for Sustainable Development

Citizens Action for Sustainable Development is a local initiative to advocate for sustainable development and better quality of lives of the citizenry. CASDev creates a platform for citizens’ creativity, innovation and pragmatic action to transform the society. A change in our attitude and behavior is all what every society needed to creating a sustainable environment. Through this program, we will build confidence needed for positive change in our young people and children both in schools and in the communities. We also promote ethical values, cultural and spiritual orientations of all citizens in order to build a just society.