For Common Good

Served Over 0 citizens in rural and urban Nigeria

Public Safety Program

Taking safety awareness to the grassroots

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ICT Access for Women and Girls in Nigeria Coalition

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YCW Nigeria

Youth Crime Watch is a youth-led movement that represents the School, the Community and you. It is a "positive gang" or family that changes the mood of the school and community.

Youth AID

Youth Alliance on ICT for Development (Youth AID) is a program targeting young people through the use of ICT for sustainable development.


Women Initiative for Development in Nigeria promote women empowerment and development by enhancing their visibility, defending their values, exchanging knowledge

Our Causes

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Human Rights in Digital Age

The General Assembly on 27th of March 2006 endorsed the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society...

Stakeholders Roles in Responsible Parenting

Without any controversy, parent is the primary stakeholder when it comes to child rearing. Parents bear great responsibility...

Truth: Nigeria’s Magic Wand for Progress - Youth

NIGERIA is not bad but it depends on what we make it be. Nigeria, as a society, is good but the people...

Latest Events

Secure Africa 2022

10:00AM TBC

ACCO Nigeria will hold its bi-annual Secure Africa - Africa Regional Youth Crime Prevention and Development Conference

Registration Open Soon

Climate Change Education for Student

10:00AM Abuja, Nigeria

A two-day workshop which will bring together students, educators and teachers from various to learn about the impact of climate change and how to they can be involved

Strictly by Invitation

Skill for Development

10:00AM AU ECOSOCC Hall Abuja

In partnership with Pan African Institute for Entrepreneurship and Community Development, we are set to organize a 3-day capacity building workshop for women in Nigeria

Registration Open Soon

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