Alliance & Cooperation for Rural Development

Alliance & Cooperation for Rural Development

Natural resources are running out for future generations. Alliance & Cooperation for Rural Development seeks to involve adolescents in environmental education, advocacy, policy, and work projects that represent their interests and concerns. Our projects address key environmental issues such as water and sanitation, recycling and waste management, sustainable agriculture and conservation.

We provide customized agribusiness and farm productivity training with a strong emphasis on value added. We connect farmers to markets, diversify agriculture, and provide effective extension services. We improve food security in Nigeria by improving the skills and technical knowledge of farmers through training.

We combat youth unemployment by providing opportunities for young people to work. We provide training that increases their employability, gives skills for generating company concepts, and promotes access to microfinance solutions through RDI's national and international contacts.

Volunteerism is a significant tool for involving people in rural development issues. We feel that passing on skills and information through volunteerism is critical. Volunteers may make a lasting difference in the communities they assist and improve lives by contributing their expertise.

Ongoing Projects

We provided opportunities for out of school young people from Masaka in Nasarawa State with market-relevant life and work readiness training and support, hands-on training and opened opportunities for employment.

  • Team Lead: Toyosi Oyetoke
  • Location: Northcentral
  • Year Completed : Ongoing
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