Public Safety Awareness

Public Safety Project

To assist government at all levels in educating, informing and involving the general public in protecting lives and properties, and support public safety agencies, the African Centre for Citizens Orientation kick-started a public safety programs in South-West Nigeria. The public safety is tagged, “Be Vigilante” and it includes public education and student awareness, safety campaign in public places including motor parks, markets, palaces, schools, worship centres among others.

Our fire and life safety programs recognizes that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it, the program educate and involve the public in preventing fire and fire-related hazards, and protecting lives and properties before, during and after emergencies. Our public safety education programs take place in classrooms, through community outreach events and group trainings. Since the year 2020, this program has impacted more than 500,000 people.

“Be Vigilante” Project activities include distribution of more than 5000 safety kits, 2000 fire extinguishers and capacity building of more than 1000 volunteers. This project also includes reaching thousands of children and adults at events in schools and communities throughout south-west states in Nigeria.

100 radio and television public safety enlightenment and trainings in both English and Yoruba

The African Centre for Citizens Orientation led by its Executive Director in South-West States, Dr. Adeniran Adeleye, an HSE expert spearheaded community radio and television public safety enlightenment and trainings in both English and Yoruba on public and private radio and television stations including Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) Television Station, FRESH FM Ibadan, FRESH FM Abeokuta, FRESH FM Ado Ekiti, and Oluyole FM reaching more than 10 million audiences and listeners across the six states within the south-west Nigeria with live transmission on GOtv channel 105, Startimes channel 113, and livestreaming on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Fire Safety Training and Donation of fire extinguishers

Specialized trainings were conducted for men of the Nigerian Police on Road Warden Personal Safety. More than 30 police personnel, including telecommunications, public works (water, sanitation, transportation), public health, hospitals, security, private sector, and emergency management officials were educated and trained on effective personal safety in addition to donation of reflective jackets to the rank and file of the Nigeria Police Force in Ibadan, Oyo State capital.

Fire Safety and Trainings for Occupants of Public Facilities

In a bid to take necessary measures to ensure the safety of the citizenry, the project team continue its fire safety training and donated fire extinguishers to 20 markets in Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ekiti and Lagos. The training and enlightenment were carried out in Yoruba language to ensure safety for all in public places and gathering. Over a hundred fire extinguishers were donated in addition to the training.

Trainings were equally conducted in 10 motor parks on road safety procedure and donations of C-Cautions and reflective stickers, this is in addition to fire safety education and awareness at Agodo Market, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos State. Donation of safety stickers to motorists in Ibadan, Nigeria with inscriptions, "If you drink don't drive", "Over-speeding kills", and "Use your seat belt please".

Fire Safety and Emergency Procedure for Public Secondary Schools

Fire Safety and Emergency procedure for Public Secondary Schools in Ibadan and donated fire extinguishers. We collaborate with these schools to preserve peace, deter crime, and establish a safe environment. Keeping Each Other Safe is our slogan. Community vigilance against crimes on campus ensures a safer environment for all of us. Crime prevention can be more easily achieved when the community works together.

Conducting School Safety Audit in Ibadan

The on-site audit for some selected schools in Ibadan takes one or more working days. This project was carried out to accurately assess current safety and security conditions of each school, the school safety audits were conducted during normal school hours when students or staffs are present. During the course of the audit, team members utilized appropriate sections of the State Facility Safety and Security Audit Checklist to ensure a comprehensive assessment of safety and security is conducted. Team members assessed additional components, which can be determined locally. Conducting a safety audit consists of the following: an assessment of facility and district policies and procedures, surveys or interviews of students, teachers, staff, and parents, an intruder assessment that tests current access control and visitor management procedures at each school, a site visit to each facility that includes an interview with the school administrator, a walk-through and visual assessment of all building interiors and exteriors including grounds, a document review, and an exit conference, a written report or summary of audit findings for each facility, which includes commendations and recommendations.