African Centre for Citizens Orientation

African Centre for Citizens Orientation

African Centre for Citizens Orientation (ACCO) is an NGO in special consultative status with United Nations ECOSOC (since 2010) with a mission to build active citizens for a better and just society. ACCO promotes the good and welfare of African citizens, most especially children, women and girls, youth and persons with disabilities based on the principles of freedom, equality and justice, and for the purpose of consolidating the unity and culture of our people. We advance citizenship development, equal opportunity, and social justice through transformative education, training, research, and advocacy programs.

At ACCO, we applies inclusiveness approach, human rights-based approach, gender-based analysis and networked approach to deliver citizenship development, digital literacy, crime prevention and human rights education activities that address systemic discrimination, violence, insecurity, exclusion and other forms of violations.

ACCO thematic is citizenship development and achieve this via programs such as education including Financial Literacy, ICT for development, human rights including digital rights, security, crime prevention, and women and girls empowerment. We provide opportunities for people to build knowledge and skills, and develop attitudes and behaviours conducive to inclusion and advancing rights for common good.

ACCO place high value on citizenship development, education and engagement to achieve its vision. All our programs are tailored to reach out to, engage and empower children, youth, girls/women and persons with disabilities. By engagement, we regularly consult with our target audience and infuse their inputs into our programs and ensure that they own the process, which has really help in achieving our vision of building active citizens for a just society.

Served Over 0 citizens in rural and urban Nigeria


Build active aitizens for a better and just Society


To engage and equip citizens especially children, youths, women and persons with disabilities with the right information and requisite skills to actively participate in public life, promote human rights and contribute meaningful to developmental processes for common good of all

Board of Trustees

This is the policy-making organ of the organization. Its approves the budget of the organization, provides contacts for operational funds and support the operation of the secretariat

Management Team

The “Engine” of the organization which executes and manages all activities

Peter Adeleye

National Coordinator

Olasupo Odeleye

President, YCW Program

Ronke Adedeji

Project Coordinator

Fatimah Abubakar

Communication Officer

Bunmi Oladele

Youth Programme

Eno Bassey

ICT Access Coordinator

Muda Vannesa

ICT Access Coordinator

Ganiu Matesun

Policy Officer

Samuel Idowu

Regional Coord., YCW

Jeffrey Michael

Regional Coord, YCW

Nwamaka Onyeagba

Gender & Community Engagement

Grace Raji

Youth & Climate Change

Taiwo Adegbehingbe

State Coordinator

Olatunde Agbabiaka

Project Coordinator

Lekan Ogunbanwo

Project Coordinator