ICT Access for Women and Girls

ICT Access for Women and Girls in Nigeria Coalition came out of the need to improve access and availability of ICT tools and opportunities for women and girls in schools and communities.

Rise Up for Girls Project

In our efforts to contribute to SDGs 5 and improve digital access for women and girls in Nigeria, ACCO Nigeria kick-started an advocacy and digital inclusion program to reduce the digital gender divide in Nigeria.

Secure Africa

Bi-annually, young people from various countries of the world, crime prevention practitioners, safety personnels including policymakers gathered to deliberate on issue around terrorism, violence, cybercrime, trafficking and drug use

Human Rights Education

We cooperate and collaborate with relevant agencies and stkeholders to facilitate the training, education and orientation of the citizenry on isues about rule of laws, governance, society as well their responsibilities.

Financial Literacy & Empowerment

ACCO improve the financial literacy and money skills of women, girls and children in schools and communities, provide practical materials that advances financial literacy and expand the body of knowledge around financial literacy.

Community Safety Program

Our community safety program has been regarded as the best, strongly believe in prevention and education, and we encourage children and youths efforts in achieving a safer country and community.