Curbing Negative Tendencies in Youth

Curbing Negative Tendencies in Youth

IT is no longer news that crime, corruption and violence are becoming the rules, despite the efforts of all the law-enforcement agencies to combat these anti-social progresses not to talk of their own negative contribution to these cases.

Today’s young people are the corruption generation. They have never known a world without corruption. Nigerian youths should be potent forces for a change but now pioneer objects, ready instruments, and timely tools in the hand of unconstructive politicians and suppose leaders in carrying out violence and perpetuate other forms of criminalities in our schools and communities. With no good examples to follow, corruption grows daily in their hearts apart from cyber-crime and internet scams, they (the youths) involve themselves in. If these happen without care, there is no better future for the youths and the nation at large.

The cases of corruption at the top level and lowest one cannot however be over-emphasized. Not to talk of crime within and outside involved in by the managers of human and capital resources both at public private organizations. The Niger-delta is an unstable area, violence among youths and students and their immediate neighboring communities are common in the south west.

Inter-ethnic and religious clashes are common in the northern part and the cycles of “revenge violence” are widespread throughout the federation. The ongoing downturn of the Niger-delta area should not be overlooked; cases of kidnapping, terrorism, armed robberies and insecurity are now on the high increase. Therefore, at any period of when there is peace in this region, we should have it in mind that all weapons and ammunition could be used for any other negatives purposes if the government address their issues. The aftermath may affect not only this region but other states of the federation.

First published in May 2006 by Peter Adeleye, National Coordinator, African Centre for Citizens Orientation